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Machine Learning with R

Dr. Neeraj Hatekar
(Former HOD, Mumbai School of Economics & Public Policy & Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University)

Date: Starts 10th of April

Register before 9th April 2021

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Macro without Mystery, Exchange Rates without Enigma

V. Anantha Nageswaran
(Member (Part-Time), Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council)

Date: Starts 17th of April

Register before 16th April 2021

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Past Courses

Economics of Pandemics

Dr. Abhinay Muthoo
(Professor of Economics, University of Warwick, London)

Cover topics such as behavioural economics and behavioural science, cognitive biases, nudge theory, policy implications, trade-offs between lockdowns (to help save lives from Covid-19) and livelihoods.

Geopolitics Post COVID-19

Ms. Manjeet Kripalani
(Executive Director and co-founder - Gateway House)

Mr. Amit Bhandari
(Fellow, Energy and Environment Studies - Gateway House)

Cover aspects of geopolitical churn, India in the post-pandemic world, economic and security impact.

Math Made Easy

Prof. Shailesh Goregaokar
(Double Masters, Math & Computer Science – IIT Bombay)

Learn to graph linear, quadratic, exponential, log functions. Learn limits, continuity, derivatives, sharpen your analytical and problem-solving skills.

Nudge: How Policy influences Behavior

Dr. Shagata Mukherjee
(Associate Professor at Meghnad Desai Academy)

Learn experimental and behavioral economics, nudge theory and its applications, application of behavioural economics in different domains and countries, behavioral economics and public policy in India.

Ideas of Great Economists

Lord Meghnad Desai
(Chairman, MDAE & Professor Emeritus, LSE)

Understand the thoughts of Smith (Labour), Marx (Profits), Ricardo (Rent), Keynes (Aggregate Output) and other eminent economists.

Data Visualisation: The why & how?

Mr. Amlesh Kanekar
(30+ years of global IT experience, Ex - Oracle)

Learn correlation between numerical dynamics of data and the principles of visualization, visualizations for a single categorical variable and a single numeric variable, bivariate visualizations for combinations of categorical and numeric variables, multivariate visualization using the scatterplot.

Epidemics & Indian History

Professor Tirthankar Roy
(Department of Economic History, London School of Economics)

Answer questions related to origin of virus, development of vaccine, what does public and private healthcare do once there is enough knowledge of aetiology and transmission?

Getting started with research

Mr. Anirudh Tagat
(Monk Prayogshala, Pursuing Ph.D. IITB-Monash)

Learn how to select the appropriate research method, fundamental understanding of various research methods, statistical technique to be used with different research methods.

Bond Market Fundamentals

Ameya Abhyankar
(12+ Years Experience, Ex Nomura Research, Deloitte)

Get an overview of the market ecosystem, risk management for bonds and fixed income pricing.

How to value a business?

Mrs. Prachi Ganu
(18+ years in Financial Markets, Ex – JP Morgan & ICICI)

Get an overview of valuation approaches and learn how to build a Discounted Cash Flow model on excel.

Modelling and Visualising Pandemic Data

Neeraj Hatekar
(Former HOD, Economics Dept., Mumbai University & Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University)

Get an understanding of epidemics and visualize pandemic data using R software.

How to Program on Python

Amlesh Kanekar
(30+ years of global IT experience, Ex – Oracle)

Get introduced to fundamentals of python programming language.

Decoding Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Prashanth Irudayaraj
(Technologist, Ex-Tesla, Georgia Tech & Keep Network)

Vikram Rangala
(CMO, Zebpay (India’s largest and most used Crypto exchange))

Rahul Pagidipati
(CEO, Zebpay)

Corbin Pon
(Co-founder, Thesis)

Ryan Watson
(Director IT, Brave Software)

Michael Gluzman
(Head of Design, Thesis and Former Design Lead, Coca cola)

Olivia Lovenmark
(Director of content, OKCoin)

Jaideep Reddy
(Leading Technology Lawyer)

Cover crypto currencies, blockchain technology, explore used current used cases.

Data Analysis with R Programming

Dr. Sandhya Krishnan
(Assistant Professor at Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics)

Dr. Ishita Ghoshal
(Assistant Professor at Fergusson College)

Mechanics of Capital Markets

Mr. Sandesh Kirkire
(Former CEO, Kotak AMC)

Macroeconomics - concepts and issues

Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran
(Member Economic Advisory Council of the Prime Minister of India)

Winter School: Econometrics for Policy

Dr. Neeraj Hatekar
(Former HOD Department of Economics University of Mumbai & Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University)

Quantitative Essentials for Data Science

Mr. Sailesh Goregoakar
(Double Masters, Math and Computer Science, IIT Bombay. Visiting Faculty, MDAE)

Introduction to R Programming

Dr. Sandhya Krishnan
(Assistant Professor, MDAE)

Dr. Ishita Ghoshal
(Assistant Professor, Fergusson College)

Mr. Ayush Patel
(Associate, IDFC Institute)

Introduction to Python Programing

Amlesh Kanekar
(30+ years of global IT experience, Ex - Oracle)

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"It was a great course on Economics of Pandemics by Dr. Abhinay Muthoo. The course started charting out the channels through which any pandemic could/would impact the economy and in the next three days the same was also explained with behavioural background. In a strategic environment, how people might make decisions which may be away from social optimal and how the public policy plays a role in nudging people (as a country) back to a social optimality was explained well

Professor Rohit Muraleedharan

Professor, NMIMS, Mumbai

Recently completed a 10-hour online course on “India-China Ties: Strategic, Defence and Diplomatic” conducted by Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE) and Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. The various topics covered in the three-day course ranged from the Indo-Pacific, multilateralism, Chinese and India influence in regional and global organizations, border disputes, QUAD and Tibet’s role in Chinese infrastructure.

Overall, it was a great learning experience to know more about the different dimensions of the relationship between the two countries and the course will help analyse the current events in a much clearer manner.

Gunjan Periwal

B.A (Hons.) Liberal Arts, Symbiosis School of Liberty Arts, Pune

I had one of the most fruitful weekends attending a short certificate program on "Getting started with research" hosted by Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE) and Prayogshala (मंक प्रयोगशाला).

The session was led by Anirudh Tagat and Hansika Kapoor, PhD. This was a very good refresher on the research methods and foundations and I am quite charged up to keep progressing into the world of research in my work and otherwise.Overall, such a fulfilling weekend.

Smitha Gopinath

Head of Travel Channels, Amadeus Labs